Saffier Yachts

Short movie by order of North C Media about the personal history and the elegant sail yachts from Saffier Yachts.

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English Version

Saffier Maritiem BV is a family business run by the brothers Hennevanger. Father Richard had a yard in Australia, sold the business and returned to the Netherlands to build a yacht for himself. This family sailed around the world for eight years.

Back in the Netherlands he found work in shipbuilding. Mid-nineties he took his two sons, Dennis and Dean, in the company. Meanwhile Saffier Maritiem has grown into a full-fledged shipyard.

Irene ‘t Hart / Director North C Media I had the pleasant opportunity to work closely with Marloes for a project. I am pleased to say that Marloes is a team player, a kind and sincere individual, and an ideal coworker for the video industry where we work in. She is creative and her out of the box thinking makes working with her to a nice journey”